Effective and consistent recruitment practices are essential to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly, equally and equitability irrespective of culture, race and tribe of opportunity.

The recruitment process in BOGL is conducted in such a manner as to enable the most suitable persons with the right skills, experience, qualifications and attitude to fill the available positions.

The process is based on sound planning and correct assessment. The Human Resources Department is mindful of its demanding responsibilities and is committed to hunt "Right People for Right Job" by adopting a transparent, creative, innovative and well thought out recruitment process.


To ensure that recruitment and selection:

  • Supports the strategic priorities of the company.
  • Enhances the company’s image by raising its profile in terms of the existence of highly qualified/skilled professionals.
  • Are timely and a cost effective talent acquisition process (internal and external).
  • Supports a transparent, fair and equitable process.
  • Follows the Company’s manpower plan. 

Policy Statements:

  • BOGL is an equal opportunity employer, she provides employment to any race, tribe, colour, creed, religion, gender and disabilities.



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